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In a world not grappling with a pandemic and economic downturn, managing loans is already a formidable task, demanding significant time, effort, and increasingly, analytical resources. Loan servicing, coupled with loan origination, stands out as an area prone to human errors due to its pivotal role in the entire lending process and its multifaceted nature. The ongoing global health crisis, which has strained economies amidst an uncertain and severe recession, amplifies the urgency for smooth and efficient loan servicing.

Given this confluence of challenges, it is an opportune moment for lenders to reassess their loan-servicing operations, considering both immediate needs and long-term planning. Loan servicing encompasses various loan-administration functions, from the distribution of funds to borrowers until the full repayment is completed. This includes sending payment statements, collecting payments, maintaining payment and balance records, and addressing delinquencies.

Vergent LMS’s service-as-a-software platform offers a modular software suite designed to enhance loan servicing effectiveness. Lenders can benefit from diverse features, including support for all loan and lender types, improved credit-risk strategies through detailed analytics, identification of profitable customers for enhanced portfolio yield, error reduction, and optimization of business processes with AI-powered workflows.

The platform facilitates advanced credit scoring with AI-optimized templates, enables loan processing at various points, including the point of sale, through secure mobile capabilities, and provides a white-label lending platform that is quickly deployable and fully customizable. The modular architecture of Vergent LMS’s platform allows businesses to start with basic functionalities and add features as needed, making it cost-effective for businesses of different sizes and types.

Amid the current crisis, Vergent LMS’s automation ensures accurate information sharing regarding loan-term modifications, while analytics offer additional oversight to ensure compliance with prevailing regulatory regimes. When evaluating loan-servicing companies, Vergent LMS recommends a 10-step review process, covering aspects such as business needs assessment, system modularity, automation capabilities, user-friendliness, market support, hosting options, mobile functionality, business-logic customization, provider’s track record, and comprehensive servicing functionality.

In supporting economic growth across all market conditions, Vergent LMS enables traditional industry participants and new entrants to participate as lenders, providing lasting value and unlocking new markets. The platform incorporates innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence, enhancing efficiency and delivering board-of-directors-grade reporting on lending activities, whether the goal is to boost retail sales, facilitate debt financing, expedite grant processing, or offer comprehensive yet user-friendly loan servicing.

For those interested in learning more about loan servicing, loan modifications, or addressing increased demand in lending businesses due to the current situation, Vergent LMS invites them to schedule a call to explore how the platform can automate every step of their consumer or commercial lending process.

Navigate the challenges of loan servicing with Vergent LMS’s AI-powered platform. Enhance efficiency, mitigate errors, and thrive in uncertain markets. Schedule a call for automated lending solutions.