Loan Payments and Collections

Provides simplified loan repayment options and reduced loan default risks.
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Benefit from Vergent’s suite of intuitive loan payment and loan collection tools built for today’s lenders.

Vergent LMS offers a comprehensive suite of payment processing and loan collection tools integrated seamlessly within our market-leading loan management software. With a variety of user-friendly solutions, lenders can proficiently manage payments and collections, ensuring streamlined and timely transactions.

Process Payments with Ease

  • Experience seamless payment processing with Vergent LMS, fortified by our integration with more than eight leading payment partners.
  • Our platform rigorously adheres to stringent security standards, encompassing PCI DSS, SSAE18 SOC1, SOC2, and SOC3 compliance, assuring the utmost safeguarding of your financial data.

Loan Payment Processing

  • Our payment collection software furnishes pre-built integrations for loan payment processing, furnishing redundancy and adaptability.
  • Benefit from secure online payments made seamlessly within the Vergent LMS platform, utilizing various methods including ACH, eCheck, remote check, and credit & debit card payments.
  • All payment information is meticulously tokenized, bolstering security measures to safeguard sensitive financial data.

Increase On-time Payments

  • Empower borrowers with a diverse array of payment options, simplifying the loan repayment process and mitigating the risk of default.
  • Our powerfully flexible payment processing tools afford borrowers the autonomy to customize automated payments, apply supplementary recurring payments, and receive automated communications, thereby fostering punctual payments and fortifying cash flow for lenders.

Improve Your Collection Process

  • Streamline collection endeavors and optimize revenue generation with Vergent’s robust suite of native management tools and additional partner capabilities.
  • Identify priority accounts with outstanding balances expediently through our powerful account reporting capabilities, and create meticulous step-by-step instructions and automated account triggers for efficient debt recovery.
  • Utilize workflows to ensure communication compliance and enhance the effectiveness of your collection efforts.

Choose Vergent LMS for a comprehensive solution to your payment processing and loan collection needs. Our intuitive platform and advanced features empower lenders to optimize their operations, drive better collection outcomes, and ensure customer satisfaction.

What Our Clients Say

Love love love having Vergent's presence after a big release. Vergent LMS is what I use as an example of a true business partner. Seriously. I'm searching for a partner in another area and I use your behaviors as examples of what I expect. Thank you for setting the bar higher for everyone.

Jerald HornerCIO | TMX Finance Family of Companies

I have been in the lending industry for over 20 years and Vergent has the best storefront software by far. I have demoed every other loan management software out there and they don't come close to Vergent.

John KellerVice President/COO | Vulcan Lending I, LLC

Vergent has been a game-changer for our company. Truly cutting-edge technology, and their flexibility allows us to configure the software to fit our specific business needs.

Devin SmithCEO | DJS Enterprises

I have demoed and tried out many loan management programs before choosing Vergent LMS. Most systems were either outdated, difficult to scale, or did not fit our business processes right out of the box. Vergent LMS is always updating its software and is a leader in the lending space. Their sales and support staff are by far the best in the business. They are the friendliest people I have had the honor of working with.

Jorge UrbietaEVP/COO | SonAriz Financial

A Payment Collection System Built by Experts

We understand the challenges lending professionals face on a day-to-day basis when it comes to payment collection. For instance, you may be grappling with unpredictable cash flow. You may not have all the insights you need to engage with your borrowers as effectively as you want. Your operation may be relying on outdated legacy systems that aren’t as efficient as they should be. No matter what obstacles may be getting in your way, you can count on our accounts receivable software to help you overcome them.

What sets us apart from other software developers is that we’re also experienced lenders. Our decades of combined experience within the lending industry means we’ve been in your position before, and we know exactly what your challenges look like. That’s why we’ve designed our solutions from the ground up to solve your problems. Automation takes many of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks off your team’s shoulders. Robust reporting ensures compliance and provides you with all the information you need for better decision-making. Flexible tools help you reduce your risks. It’s all here for you.

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