Power Your Lending Business Through the Entire Lifecycle

Whether you need a proven loan origination solution, a servicing back end, or a complete end-to-end system, Vergent has the loan management software solutions to power your lending business. With powerful features like Customer and Retail Portals, AI decisioning, flexible workflows, 400+ reports, and 80+ integration partners, we’ve got you covered through every step of managing a loan and your business.

Simply add the functionality you need and invest only in the tools that contribute to your success. The efficiency and flexibility of our loan software solutions are your competitive advantage.

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Vergent LMS Revolutionizes the Entire Lending Lifecycle

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Get the industry’s best technology from the team that knows how to help you succeed.

We understand the complexities of Lending. Our team has a combined total of 160+ years of lending experience. Combining that with our software expertise, we built a software designed to shatter legacy systems. Our commercial lending software solutions are designed to meet the specific needs and unique demands of your lending environment. Configurability paired with cutting-edge technology offers a sophistication only available through Vergent.

Enhance your business with lending software solutions that offer more functionality out of the box than anything else on the market. As for good service, we back the claim up with metrics that hundreds of satisfied customers swear by. Find out more by contacting us today.


Loan Origination
  • Vergent offers an advanced platform, featuring AI-powered automation and the business intelligence required for a true fintech experience.
  • Start offering a superior customer experience, whether in-person or completely digital.
  • Allow your workflow to seamlessly underwrite, approve, and fund your loans and limit the need for manual processes. Automate time-consuming and labor-intensive processes to tremendously increase efficiency and productivity.


Loan Servicing
  • Vergent provides the last servicing software you’ll ever need. Designed to shatter legacy systems and adapt to an ever-changing regulatory environment.
  • Whether your customers prefer to send texts, call over the phone, or send emails, Vergent allows you to engage your customers from anywhere.
  • Built-in customer portals for retail sales and dealers as well as support for centralized servicing provides unparalleled customer service.


End-to-End Technology
  • Vergent offers the most robust and cost-effective loan origination and servicing technology available on the market today.
  • The platform is configured for your industry, but further configurable to meet any operational or regulatory requirement.
  • By combining origination and servicing capabilities, efficiency is built into the platform. There is no need to sacrifice functionality when utilizing a single platform solution.

Reporting &
Data Analysis

Reporting & Data Analysis
  • The user-friendly and fully customizable reports dashboard makes regular scheduling and delivery of reports easy.
  • With 200+ ADHOC reports and a custom Report Builder to create more, you have complete access to the data you need.
  • Tracking loans requires fast and accurate data. Vergent’s real-time reporting puts your entire portfolio at your fingertips.


Streamlined Accounting
  • Developed by on-staff accountants, seamless integrations and automation make it easy to get important financial business data out of the Vergent software and into your accounting package through it’s General Ledger Export feature.
  • Vergent offers access to an expert team of CPA-led client accountants.
  • Business, Operations, and Analytical reports are system-delivered for daily and Month-end reporting.


Omnichannel Marketing
  • Vergent’s AI and machine learning tools make it easy to enhance your marketing and customer retention strategy.
  • Every interaction with a customer is conveniently stored in customer profiles. With this data, Vergent allows you to gain insight into your customer base and the most effective ways to market to them.
  • Automated marketing funnels via text or email enhances your brand loyalty.

Intelligent Lending. Simplified.

Equipping lenders with the most configurable, omnichannel fintech solution available.