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Innovative software solutions for lenders of short-term loans.

Cash advance loans, also referred to as payday check loans or check cashing loans, are loans paid back over shorter timeframes and often issued with high-interest rates and fees. Cash advance loans are attractive to borrowers facing temporary financial difficulties due to their quick approval times and immediate cash disbursal.

Lenders who issue cash advance loans understand the struggle of managing small loans with quick turnover times. With over 160 years of combined industry experience, we here at Vergent understand the need for a comprehensive solution to effectively manage cash advance loans. That is why our software is the ideal solution for lenders. Our premier software offers lenders accurate decisioning, streamlined processes, flexibility, and compliance management for efficient loan management. Equip your team with cash advance loan software that leads to success.

Accurate Decisioning

With integrated decision engines built into our AI-based cash advance payday loan software, expect to receive accurate decisions and robust loan information in seconds. Make the most accurate decisions quickly with confidence.

Streamlined Processes

Vergent’s automated loan management system efficiently streamlines the end-to-end lifecycle of loans. Streamlined processes replace the manual labor for tedious tasks, enabling your team to focus on the customer experience.


Designed with lenders in mind, our merchant cash advance software offers the largest suite of loan products available in the industry. Choose from installments, line of credit, payday, title lending and more.


Staying compliant in an ever-evolving industry is critical yet also complex. Vergent’s payday advance software is integrated with compliance measures to keep your business compliant.

Comprehensive Cash Advance Software Designed by Industry Professionals

The development team at Vergent know what lenders need from their loan management software. That’s because we’re also lending professionals with years of experience in the industry. Our unique perspective means you can trust our solutions to provide you with the most comprehensive answer to your specific needs. We know how valuable the right features and functionality can be, and we’ve purpose-built our platform to offer you everything you need to serve your customers the right way.

When you choose our software, you’ll gain numerous benefits that make the entire loan lifecycle easier and more convenient to manage. You’ll gain all the information you need to make the most informed decisions, as well as complete reporting capabilities to ensure regulatory compliance. It also automates many of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks so your team can spend more time focusing on your customers. Our solution is built to conform to your particular offerings, so no matter what type of loan products you provide you’ll have a full-featured system for managing every aspect. Our applications reduce the risks for you as well as your borrowers.

What Our Clients Say

Love love love having Vergent's presence after a big release. Vergent LMS is what I use as an example of a true business partner. Seriously. I'm searching for a partner in another area and I use your behaviors as examples of what I expect. Thank you for setting the bar higher for everyone.

Jerald HornerCIO | TMX Finance Family of Companies

I have been in the lending industry for over 20 years and Vergent has the best storefront software by far. I have demoed every other loan management software out there and they don't come close to Vergent.

John KellerVice President/COO | Vulcan Lending I, LLC

Vergent has been a game-changer for our company. Truly cutting-edge technology, and their flexibility allows us to configure the software to fit our specific business needs.

Devin SmithCEO | DJS Enterprises

I have demoed and tried out many loan management programs before choosing Vergent LMS. Most systems were either outdated, difficult to scale, or did not fit our business processes right out of the box. Vergent LMS is always updating its software and is a leader in the lending space. Their sales and support staff are by far the best in the business. They are the friendliest people I have had the honor of working with.

Jorge UrbietaEVP/COO | SonAriz Financial

Long-Term Solutions for Short-Term Loans

With over 160 years of combined industry experience, we understand how important efficient loan management is, especially when borrowers need money fast. Our innovative check cashing loan software provides your organization with flexible, customizable, and streamlined processes for effective loan management. With Vergent LMS, find long-term solutions for loans with shorter lifecycles.

Vergent Gives You Flexibility

When change is a constant risk, choose the right partner.