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Increasing revenue and maximizing loan processing efficiency.

As a lender, you want your customers to feel as comfortable with the process as possible. However, the longer it takes for a loan to be processed through your offices, the more nervous they’re likely to become. Fortunately, Vergent’s all-in-one loan processing software gives you the power to streamline every aspect of the lending lifecycle so you can speed them through the procedure and put their minds at ease.

We’re the leading loan processing software company because we combine our platform development expertise with decades of experience in the lending industry. With our lending automation processing system working for you, you and your customers will enjoy a smooth and efficient experience for every aspect of the loan.


Stay on top of all the latest developments to shake up the regulatory landscape and ensure you are always fully compliant.


Automated tasks including messaging, generating customer profiles and disposition tracking give you the ability to streamline your workflows.


The integrated decision engines found in our platform make it possible for you to provide customers with an answer in an instant. It aggregates credit data and verifies customer identities automatically to enable fast and accurate decision-making.

Streamlined Processing

With many of your most tedious tasks automated, you can free your team to handle more important customer-facing tasks. This ensures a better overall experience for your customers.

What Our Clients Say

Love love love having Vergent's presence after a big release. Vergent LMS is what I use as an example of a true business partner. Seriously. I'm searching for a partner in another area and I use your behaviors as examples of what I expect. Thank you for setting the bar higher for everyone.

Jerald HornerCIO | TMX Finance Family of Companies

I have been in the lending industry for over 20 years and Vergent has the best storefront software by far. I have demoed every other loan management software out there and they don't come close to Vergent.

John KellerVice President/COO | Vulcan Lending I, LLC

Vergent has been a game-changer for our company. Truly cutting-edge technology, and their flexibility allows us to configure the software to fit our specific business needs.

Devin SmithCEO | DJS Enterprises

I have demoed and tried out many loan management programs before choosing Vergent LMS. Most systems were either outdated, difficult to scale, or did not fit our business processes right out of the box. Vergent LMS is always updating its software and is a leader in the lending space. Their sales and support staff are by far the best in the business. They are the friendliest people I have had the honor of working with.

Jorge UrbietaEVP/COO | SonAriz Financial

Lending processing software designed by industry veterans.

Our automated loan processing system leverages not only our software prowess but also our combined 160-plus years of experience in the lending industry. We understand your pain points and purposefully designed a platform that addresses them in a way your legacy systems can’t duplicate.

Using our software means you’ll enjoy cutting-edge technology as well as exceptional configurability to customize it for your specific needs. There’s no better way to enhance the efficiency of your business and provide the ultimate in customer service. When you choose to put the power of our loan processing systems to work for you, you’ll be putting yourself in the best position for sustained success.

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