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Manage Every Aspect of your Business with over 400+ Customizable Reports. 
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With powerful reporting capabilities at your fingertips, you can manage your employees and business operations with unprecedented control and efficiency.

The user-friendly and fully customizable reports dashboard makes regular scheduling and delivery of reports easy. With a suite of 400+ ad hoc reports and a custom Report Builder to create more, you have complete access to the data you need.

Tracking loans requires fast and accurate data. Vergent LMS’s real-time loan reporting puts your entire portfolio at your fingertips. Vergent’s manager reports provide the customer and employee insights needed to safeguard profits, monitor staff, and track customer and loan activities crucial to business success.

Core Management Reports

Vergent’s manager reports provide the customer and employee insights needed to safeguard profits, monitor staff, and track customer and loan activities crucial to business success.

Opening Reports

  • Store Business Date
  • Cashier Time Clock
  • Cash Order Form

End-of-Day Reports

  • Common Daily Activity Report
  • Daily Balance Report
  • New Drawer System/Vault Report
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Prior Daily Report
  • Over Short Report

ACH Reports

  • ACH Schedule Report
  • ACH Settlement Report

Credit Card Payments

  • Card Payment Process Report
  • Credit/Debit Card Payments Report

Cash Advances

  • Advance Report
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Bank Listing
  • Prior Daily

Title Loans

  • Title Loan Report
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Prior Daily Report

Installment Loans

  • Installment Loan Report
  • Daily Activity Report

Check Cashing

  • Cashed Check Report
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Prior Daily Report

Financial & Auditing

  • Manual Audit Report
  • Consolidated Store Detail Report
  • Store Detail Report (adhoc)

Transaction Auditing

  • Sequential Contract List Report
  • Sequential Transaction List Report

Employee Auditing

  • User Rights – Employee Report
  • Productivity – Employee Productivity Report
  • Change Logs – Employee General Information Screen
  • Activity Reports – Audit Log
  • Time Clock – Cashier Time Clock
  • Cash Handling – Bank Deposit/Withdrawal, Over/Short
  • Deviated Fee Report
  • Voids-Rebates-Refunds-Coupon Usage
  • Red Flag Report

Customer Account Maintenance

  • Incomplete Customer Report
  • Expired Identification Report

Business Management

  • Aging Report
  • Analysis of Business Activity
  • Default & Collections Report
  • Forecast Report
  • Store Report (store setup values)


  • Appointments Report
  • Pay Frequency Report
  • References Report
  • Contact Record Report
  • Bank Listing Report
  • Advances Due Report
  • Weekly Due to Pay Report
  • AdHoc Reports – Loan Type Report

Marketing Reports

  • Customer Information Report (transaction history)
  • Customer Email Listing
  • Customer Phone Numbers
  • Customer Report (bdays, last loan, last update, etc.)
  • Marketing (How Did You Hear About Us?)
  • References
  • Payout Report
  • Inactive Customers
  • Cash Referral Partner Report
  • Customer Report – Display Referral ID and Print Mailing Labels
  • Communication
loan management Reports

Vergent’s 10 Most Popular Financial Reports

Reports for your Accounting Team

  • Manual Audit
  • Store Transaction Summary
  • Cash and Receivables Balance
  • Bank Deposit and Withdraw
  • Payment Method Activity
  • Check Disbursement Journal
  • Outstanding Prepayments
  • Potential Refund
  • Returned Checks vs. Collections (Summary and Expanded)
  • Transaction Detail (Petty Cash and Sales)

A Comprehensive Lending Report Designed By Industry Leaders

When you choose our complete end-to-end lending software, you can be confident that it will help you meet all your specific challenges. That’s because we’re more than just developers — we’re seasoned loan professionals who have been in your shoes. We understand all the unique pain points lenders experience, and we’ve designed our platform from the ground up to shatter through legacy systems and provide the seamless functionality you need.

Our loan reporting module helps you overcome all the most pervasive obstacles in your way so you can better serve customers. For example, you can generate comprehensive reports that include all the information needed to better ensure full compliance with any relevant regulations.

It also provides you and your team with a centralized repository for all data and documentation to streamline the decision-making process and improve communication between your departments. Using our platform gives you the power to customize your workflows in the manner that’s most appropriate and most helpful for your business, making it the perfect solution for every stage of the loan lifecycle.

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