OmniaPay, headquartered in Oxford, Mississippi, is a customer-centric company dedicated to offering consultancy and cutting-edge payment technology solutions to a diverse range of lenders. With a seasoned team deeply rooted in payment processing, we serve clients nationwide, leveraging over 50 years of collective experience in managing payment processing for financial institutions and strategic partners.



PayNearMe is a leading payments platform, offering seamless cash, debit, credit, ACH, and mobile-first transactions, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App, PayPal, and Venmo. Trusted by businesses and government agencies nationwide, its user-friendly interface ensures efficient payment collection, supported by timely reminders and mobile wallet integration.

Insight Cards


Insight is a leading provider of financial solutions for the millions of overlooked consumers who lack a traditional bank account. Insight provides consumers with a broad spectrum of products and services that address the reality of their financial lives.

Repay Realtime Electronic Payments


Realtime Electronic Payments provides full-service payment technology built for the lending industry. Lenders can securely accept debit card and ACH payments anytime, anywhere via online web portals, SMS/text pay, IVR/phone pay, and mobile apps. With REPAY Instant Funding, lenders can immediately push funds directly to consumers’ debit and prepaid cards.

Flex Payment Solutions

Flex Payment Solutions is a direct processing firm that offers ACH, credit/debit card, fund to card and remotely created check processing through a unique web of domestic banking partners. Flex was born from the lending industry as a direct result of Operation Chokepoint, so we know what it means to help lenders maximize their payment opportunities while adapting with you to remain compliant in an ever-changing industry.


US Alliance Group

US Alliance Group offers integrated storefront and online debit card processing to help streamline business operations. See the benefits of integrated card processing, eliminating double data entry and automating accounting processes. Optimize the time-consuming reconciliation process by contacting US Alliance Group today.



With Payliance, your payment success is the top priority. Integrated to Vergent, select fast, convenient, and secure payment and verification solutions to improve your loan funding and repayment methods. Access Same Day ACH, Real-time Funding to Debit, Remotely Created Checks, and card and account verification, all supported by industry-leading service and compliance expertise.



LoanPaymentPro is a merchant service and technology firm servicing the debt repayment industry via Bankcard, ACH, and RCC/Check21 acceptance platforms.



Kotapay, formally InterceptEFT, specializes in processing electronic transactions. Since 1993, InterceptEFT has provided fast, accurate electronic transaction services to more than 60,000 companies. Its premium services and features, detailed reporting and flexibility set Intercept EFT apart.