Installment Loans

Vergent’s Installment lending technology makes the process, whether direct or indirect, fast and easy for consumers and lenders.

Line of Credit Loans

Vergent offers the platform more cash advance, title, and installment lenders use to operate efficiently and profitably.

Any Custom Loan Model

Vergent’s expertise in crafting custom software solutions makes it the easy choice for any lender providing unique loan models.

The Most Complete Loan Management System

Providing the market’s most complete loan management software solution, Vergent LMS covers the complete loan lifecycle, spanning from origination to servicing, reporting, and more. Tailored to your industry and compatible with various loan products, Vergent LMS’s cloud-based SaaS technology solutions equip you with the essential tools to manage your lending business, efficiently and profitably.

User-Friendly Dashboards and User Portals

Vergent LMS’s user-friendly loan management system includes a dashboard, customer, and retail portals to provide an extraordinary digital experience. The loan software features a responsive user interface, meticulously organized modules, intelligent search capabilities, extensive integrated support resources, and even a Spanish foreign language option.

Whether you need a proven loan origination solution, a servicing back end, or a complete end-to-end system, Vergent LMS provides the powerful capabilities and flexible omnichannel technology solutions to make any loan, anytime, anywhere.

loan management software

Years of Combined Industry Experience

Vergent was founded and is managed by former lenders. Our team has the operational expertise required to satisfy our lender clients. We know the challenges and we built this company to solve them.


Daily Vergent LMS Software Users

From startups to large enterprises, including an international digital leader, we offer the most scalable lending management solution available on the market. How well does it work? Ask our clients.

690 B

in Dollars Serviced by the Vergent System

Hundreds of successful business owners and their employees stand behind this number. Each loan that moves through our technology adheres to our clients’ regulatory and internal compliance standards.


Vendor Software Integrations

Our robust loan software for lenders is enhanced by software from partners providing services such as fraud & underwriting, payments & funding, communications, lead generation, and money services.

What Our Clients Say

I have demoed and tried out many loan management programs before choosing Vergent LMS. Most systems were either outdated, difficult to scale, or did not fit our business processes right out of the box. Vergent LMS is always updating its software and is a leader in the lending space. Their sales and support staff are by far the best in the business. They are the friendliest people I have had the honor of working with.

Jorge UrbietaEVP/COO | SonAriz Financial

I have been in the lending industry for over 20 years and Vergent has the best storefront software by far. I have demoed every other loan management software out there and they don't come close to Vergent.

John KellerVice President/COO | Vulcan Lending I, LLC

Vergent has been a game-changer for our company. Truly cutting-edge technology, and their flexibility allows us to configure the software to fit our specific business needs.

Devin SmithCEO | DJS Enterprises

When we were shopping for lending software, we were looking for a software that could give us the most robust end-to-end solution. Vergent was the perfect fit. They've helped us streamline our entire lending process.

Kelvin HallCEO | Summit Financial

Love love love having Vergent's presence after a big release. Vergent LMS is what I use as an example of a true business partner. Seriously. I'm searching for a partner in another area and I use your behaviors as examples of what I expect. Thank you for setting the bar higher for everyone.

Jerald HornerCIO | TMX Finance Family of Companies

The FDIC Relies on Vergent LMS

Since 1933, the FDIC seal has symbolized the safety and security of our nation’s financial institutions. FDIC deposit insurance enables consumers to confidently place their money at thousands of FDIC-insured banks across the country, and is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. As a client, the FDIC relies on Vergent’s Loan Management Software to succeed in its mission.

What to Know About Loan Servicing Software for Private Lenders

Loan Management Through the Entire Loan Lifecycle

Vergent LMS’s customization options provide lenders with an unprecedented level of control and efficiency in streamlining operations while managing every aspect of the loan lifecycle. From automated loan origination to comprehensive servicing tools enhanced with machine learning, our solutions take the most time-consuming and labor-intensive elements of your workflow off your shoulders.

AI Tools to Automate Your Lending Workflow

Benefit from AI solutions for new customer lead generation and acquisition, instant decisioning during loan origination, customizable workflows, automated contact center communications in servicing and collections, and fully automated accounting reports and data export tools for analytics.

Vergent LMS leads the way in the evolution of today’s loan management software, embracing automation and business intelligence. Our platform’s unique blend of tailored configuration options and advanced technology sets a new standard of sophistication.

loan management system

Vergent has Been Awarded Software as a Service (SaaS) Application of the Year by MariaDB OpenWorks

This honor is awarded to a Software as a Service organization that has partnered with MariaDB to keep their applications running smoothly. Prior to utilizing MariaDB, Vergent manually wrote scripts for each customer request, which proved to be time-consuming. This partnership enabled Vergent to reduce overhead and make data more accessible to their customers.

“This award serves as a testament to Vergent’s dedication to its customers. We’re always striving to provide the most technologically innovative solutions that make the lending experience pleasant for lenders and borrowers alike.” — Johnny Withers, CTO of Vergent LMS

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