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Artificial intelligence in Lending Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the lending landscape, transforming outdated business processes and empowering various industries to become effective lenders. This shift is not limited to traditional financial institutions; retailers, medical practices, trade-order financiers, and equipment-leasing firms are now embracing digital alternatives with the help of AI.

AI leverages data to inform decisions and predictions, closely resembling human cognition. Machine learning, a key component of AI, employs algorithms and statistical models to perform numerous tasks simultaneously, drawing on patterns and inferences rather than relying on explicit case-by-case instructions. This enables lenders to process vast amounts of data from diverse sources, identifying, categorizing, and making decisions based on multiple data points in less time than traditional methods.

Vergent Leverages AI Technology for Credit Scoring

Before the advent of AI, assessing the creditworthiness of prospective borrowers involved scorecards from consumer-credit agencies, a process that could take weeks. In contrast, Vergent LMS’s Decision Management System can accomplish the same task in under 30 seconds, showcasing the efficiency of AI in the lending sector.

With the digital transformation and widespread digitization, alternative data sources such as social networks, mobile devices, payment systems, and web activity have become integral in assessing prospective borrowers. AI’s speed and accuracy enable lenders to manage various business-change agents effectively, including meeting customer expectations for fast and personalized borrowing experiences.

AI addresses challenges related to customer expectations, operational efficiency, sub-optimal customer overviews, and regulatory requirements. It ensures compliance with local rules and restrictions, offering intuitive workflows tailored to specific business models and regulations.

Traditional Risk Assessment Tools Being Replaced by Smarter AI tools

Traditional risk assessment approaches often result in “false declines,” denying loans based on faulty data interpretation. Research indicates that these false declines impact 15% of US consumers, costing lenders nearly $120 billion annually. AI-driven loan origination and management solutions, like Vergent LMS, present an opportunity to enhance portfolio performance and support SMEs and individuals in need of financing.

Vergent LMS utilizes deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms across various stages of the loan lifecycle. The Decision Engine analyzes millions of data points from both traditional and alternative sources, presenting a risk evaluation for loan applications. Additional AI applications in Vergent LMS include business performance analytics, bank account statement scoring, employee performance management, psychometrics scoring, borrower’s geolocation tracking and analysis, and customer rating.

Loan Originations Assisted by AI are More Accurate

AI makes loan origination less prone to human error, enhancing reliability by freeing lenders from traditional credit-scoring agencies. Borrowers can grant permission for access to alternative scoring inputs, such as spending habits, social-media usage, and family situations, providing a more comprehensive view of their ability to repay loans on schedule. This minimizes the likelihood of false declines and lays the foundation for improved loan-portfolio performance.

Moreover, AI plays a crucial role in loan management by identifying behavioral patterns that may lead to default. Lenders can use this insight to proactively engage with borrowers and mitigate potential risks. By reducing default risk, AI not only prevents losses but also preserves available credit for deserving borrowers.

In conclusion, the integration of AI in lending processes offers unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability. Vergent LMS and similar solutions automate every step of the lending process, making them valuable assets for businesses aiming to distinguish themselves with swift and precise loan origination.

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