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The New Economic Reality – How AI Provides Better Credit Scoring

The success of your company’s lending program hinges significantly on the effectiveness of its credit scoring. Among various factors, the thoroughness of evaluating potential borrowers plays a pivotal role in determining the lending program’s size and profitability. Artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a supplementary and transformative element, enhancing alternative AI credit scoring methods. To delve into this, let’s first revisit traditional scoring techniques and their foundations.

Character vs. Credit Score

Historically, assessing a retail loan involved a subjective evaluation by a bank-based loan officer before the 1990s. This assessment considered factors such as income, indebtedness, prior credit outcomes, and even subjective elements like the applicant’s “character.” This encompassed diverse aspects, from tangible experiences with the lender to more intangible qualities like community standing. However, in the late 1980s, credit scores emerged as a transparent alternative, aiming to eliminate subjective judgments. FICO, initially relying on credit bureaus like Experian, EquiFax, and TransUnion, became the industry standard.

A New World of Credit Scoring

Traditional credit scores, though valuable, offer an incomplete view of a loan applicant. Traits such as spending habits, social media behavior, and psychometrics, a branch of psychology evaluating mental states, provide additional insights. Psychometrics assess characteristics like self-esteem, confidence, honesty, familial relations, and more. Combined with education, personal savings, and investments data, lenders gain a more comprehensive understanding, enabling them to construct robust loan portfolios.

The Difference Between a Deluge and a Credit Score

However, incorporating these new inputs into credit scoring is challenging. It necessitates sophisticated AI, driven by dynamic machine learning, to rationalize diverse data sources. Vergent LMS’s credit-scoring functionality, blending traditional and alternative approaches, caters to mainstream lenders and a growing list of new entrants, including retailers, medical practices, governmental agencies, NGOs, and invoice financiers.

Alternative Credit Scoring as a Contributor to Recovery

In the current economic landscape dominated by factors like Covid and war, credit assumes a crucial role in rebuilding. The focus on businesses, especially through government-backed programs, underscores the need for alternative scoring approaches. Vergent LMS, recognizing this need, leverages AI and Big Data for credit processing and risk assessment, offering a dynamic and adaptive solution.

How Vergent LMS Factors In

From its inception, Vergent LMS understood the transformative potential of applying AI and Big Data to credit processing. Utilizing deep neural networks and self-learning scoring models, Vergent LMS’s system processes both traditional and alternative data sources. The intelligent Decision Engine analyzes millions of data points, providing a risk evaluation in as little as 30 seconds, a stark contrast to the lengthy processes of traditional lenders.

Vergent LMS’s solution not only prioritizes efficiency but also ensures the processing of the right borrower data. Analyzing operations in over 50 countries and numerous business verticals, Vergent LMS has developed optimal scoring models and decision rules. This allows for the identification of reliable borrowers and the pre-approval of loans likely to be paid off on time. The system’s configurability and integration with various data sources empower lenders to streamline decision workflows, freeing up time for strategic business development.

In conclusion, Vergent LMS’s intelligent software, driven by AI and Big Data, provides an advanced and efficient solution for credit decisioning. With a focus on accuracy, adaptability, and streamlined operations, it caters to the evolving needs of lenders across diverse sectors.

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